Please note our service is running limited due to the COVID19 outbreak, we are ONLY dealing with people with families, over 65 & extremely vulnerable until further notice, there will be no exception to this rule. Covering the West Midlands & West London Post codes

Our telephone lines are open Mon-Fri 10-3pm

 only to take calls. Remember stay safe we are doing our utmost to get to as many people as possible

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Welcome to the Salma Food Bank

Feeding Individuals and Families In the West Midlands & now West London

The Emergency Food Bank that delivers to your door




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920 tons of food delivered


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The project Salma Food bank was started in the loving memory of my Mother, Late Salma Parveen, she helped who she didnt even know, she fed who was hungry, she never discriminated on basis of religion, colour or creed, we carry her values and religious convictions to help our neighbours first.

We are based in Smethwick, West Midlands, now covering parts of West London we help vulnerable individuals and families in crisis through the provision of emergency food supplies while a longer-term solution is developed, with a open door policy to who ever needs food, our warehouse is open for collection of food on Monday to Fridays 9am till 6pm, but if you can't make it we will deliver to your doorstep. Just give us a call for further details. 

The service we provide has massive impacts on life and provides families and individuals that much needed breathing space that is needed sometimes, This is the only real emergency food supply system.
Started in May 2016, we are a Muslim-based organisation set up to feed local people experiencing real hardships by meeting their most basic need for food. Local people, other organisations in and around the UK are joining together to be part of a project that makes a real difference to the lives of those in crisis.

Emergency food supplies for anyone local are just a phone call away. 

Just remember The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said he is not a Believer that sleeps satisfied while his neighbour goes hungry.

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