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Homeless person gts help with food from Salma Food Bank

Real life

Here you will find real life stories of people that Salma Food bank has helped, we have gained permission to film and write about these people and there real stories and circumstances, these are not actors these are real life situations and how we have helped.

(note: We have had prior permission for the use of video and pictures to be used by these people, on our site or third party sites

I hope these videos and pictures encourage you to do the same 

Name: David 
Location: Birmingham 
Situation: David and his wife struggling due to sanctions, need help quick time as wife hadn't eaten for days 









Name: Emma
Location: Birmingham 
Situation: Contacted us after struggling with food with children, we delivered in emergency circumstances and this is what she had to say





































Name: Andy
Location: Birmingham City Centre
Situation: Homeless, not eaten for about a week or so













Name: Marie
Location: Birmingham City Centre
Situation: Homeless, someone had stolen her sleeping bag, but she was happy to see someone helping her at this time of the morning 






















Name: Sarah
Location: Birmingham 
Situation: Benefit cuts and low household income made Sara contact us for a delivery parcel of food each week, here's her story 















Name: Marin
Location: Birmingham 
Situation: Homeless man from Poland sleeping rough in Birmingham, a sandwich and bottle of water brings a tear to his eyes 























Name: Anonymous 
Location: Birmingham 
Situation: Real life story of someone that needs to pay bills and does not have enough for food, this is a typical situation people everyday find them selves in, we can help 

















Thank you to Salma Food Bank
Homeless man is happy to get food
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